I went to Nepal in 1988 (London, Dubai, Delhi, Kathmandu), it was my first time outside Europe and I was on my own, I hadn’t seen such poverty before.

Hopefully most of the photo titles are correct.

Several numbered photos have explanations at the end of the page.


1 I thought his balloon might be filled with dye so I didn’t turn my back on him.

2 I was last on the bus and there were no seats left so I was expecting a few hours standing. I was led to the cabin at the front of the bus with the driver and a couple of locals-the best seat on the bus! There were huge drops, land slips and no crash barriers but the driver was very good.

3 Children did a lot of jobs such as collecting wood and tending goats. Some families sent one child to school while the other children worked, some villages were many miles walk from a school so going to school was not an option.

4 There was no electricity but poles had been erected so it was on the way. There were western doctors at Manang because walkers have died on the pass. Every day they gave a talk on problems such as altitude sickness, snow blindness and food poisoning (and they gave me diuretics for my headache in exchange for a donation to help the locals).

5 My longest day. I was sick in the night then walked from early morning till dark, It was was over 30 miles with a bit of up hill as well and I decided to run when some children hurled stones at me! I found these houses in desperation where I spent the night. The houses were built on the flood plain of the river, the family moved every monsoon.

6 I saw one man fishing with a net from one of these.

7 Hindu gathering, I hired a push bike in Kathmandu and went out there and walked around.

8 Hindu parade in front of the royal family, I went there with a German I met at Chitwan National Park. Most of the royal family were later killed by a mad relative.

9 Washing clothes in the river, Kathmandu International Airport behind.